Land Use

Local legislative and quasi-judicial boards exercise significant authority over what property owners can and cannot do with their land. Planning boards make recommendations to governing bodies about what land uses should be allowed and which regulations should be in place. Quasi-judicial boards, such as boards of adjustment, determine whether property owners qualify for conditional use permits and variances, and they also review the actions of local planning staff.

Succeeding before these local boards is the most efficient and effective way for landowners to use their property the way they see fit. Even when local boards act unlawfully, it can take months, or even years, to overturn their actions.

Elliot's experience serving as counsel for local land use boards and planning staff helps him to understand what these entities are looking for in land use and text amendment applications. He understands local land use laws, and he further understands how to appeal unlawful local actions if required. Contact him today to discuss your land use questions.


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