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Engstrom Speaks with WBTV about Belmont Release

This evening, Principal Attorney Elliot spoke with Christian Flores of WBTV about this week's partial release of an investigation into the Belmont Police Department:

This week, a judge ruled 22 pages of the 160-page 2014 investigation is public record. The push to make the report public started when the family of Donna Deitz sued the city of Belmont.

In 2012, Deitz was killed when she was hit by a car being chased by Belmont police. After this, her family decided to look into what they thought was a dysfunctional police department.

"They had suspicions for a long time there was dysfunction within the police department for many years, and they now have an official document confirming that," said Elliot Engstrom, Deitz's family's attorney. "We're happy with the result."

Check out the complete news segment by clicking here.

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