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Engstrom to Publish in North Carolina Law Review

Next year, Engstrom's latest article on freedom of information laws will be published in the North Carolina Law Review, a publication of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law. The article, entitled "Defining North Carolina's Public Records and Open Meetings Fee-Shifting Provisions in the Larger National Context," will use freedom of information laws from other jurisdictions to provide definition to and predict the future of North Carolina's public records and open meetings fee-shifting laws. The article will also examine any clarity that can be provided by the history of North Carolina's statutes and case law.

"Fee shifting" is what happens when a court awards attorney's fees to the winning party in a lawsuit. Such fee awards serve as incentives (or disincentives) to bring certain kinds of lawsuits -- in this case, public records and open meetings lawsuits. Engstrom's article will examine when plaintiffs and defendants can expect to receive fee awards in North Carolina public recoreds and open meetings lawsuits.

The article will be published in Volume 96 of the North Carolina Law Review.

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