• Elliot Engstrom

Wilson Times Editorial Board Discusses Engstrom's Research

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

In a recent editorial, the board of The Wilson Times discussed Elliot's research on North Carolina's public records laws:

As open government advocates, there are many changes to the public records law we’d like to make that would draw opposition from the city, county and state government lobbies. Making police body camera videos public and disclosing more information about employee disciplinary actions, for starters.

Engstrom’s rewrites, though, are largely technical corrections. They’re uncontroversial. And they would benefit the keepers of public records along with the seekers.“

Time and money are precious resources for governments. And if they’re spending time and money litigating cases on things like who substantially prevails, who is the custodian, et cetera, that’s a waste,” said Engstrom. “ Why can’t we just say the custodian is this person, name them by statute?”

State lawmakers should address these issues when they reconvene in Raleigh on Wednesday.

Read the whole piece here.

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