• Elliot Engstrom

Engstrom Research Cited in Rutgers Law Record

Two professors writing in the Rutgers Law Record recently cited Engstrom's research on freedom information laws in the North Carolina Law Review and the Elon Law Review. In their October 2020 article, Professors Richard Peltz-Steele and Robert Steinbuch used Engstrom's research as an example of state-level freedom of information scholarship. This was in response to a recent criticism that not enough scholarship has been done concerning state freedom of information laws.

Peltz-Steele and Steinbuch write:

As far as we can tell, state-FOIA scholars do not invest in state-transparency research for accolades, nor for the approval of those who believe state law is unworthy of analysis. We certainly don’t. Indeed, if either of us were ill content to serve in the ways we do, we know how to walk away. We have no such desire. But we cannot stomach the express declaration that the large cohort to which we happily belong does not exist.

On behalf of the many scholars toiling across the country in state-FOIA research, we

proudly declare: We’re here. We’ve been here all long.

The full article at the Rutgers Law Record available at this link. Engstrom remains one of the few attorneys in North Carolina who has published research on, filed lawsuits under, and helped governments comply with the state's public records act.